Let Us Be Bold In Dealing With Lawlessness In The Country

Democracy thrives within an environment where the rule of law is upheld and promoted. The essence of the rule of law in democratic governance is to ensure that society is governed within an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and freedom. This is how societies progress, and prepare a very fertile ground for the citizenry to live meaningfully and with dignity. Countries that promote and uphold the rule of law open up their gates to investors, especially foreign ones to contribute to her socioeconomic transformation. Although this country is not alien to violence or vandalism, we should do everything within our laws to ensure that those who elevate violence, cherish vandalism are dealt with by the laws of the land. In fact, it is high time we rose against acts that tarnish the image of the country. Let us apply the laws of our land to anyone whose behavior comes at variance to the law. Where the law reigns, indiscipline disappears or declines. We cannot continue to live at the mercy of the indiscipline few. Let the law rules, and impunity, indiscipline, lawlessness will bow to the delight of society.

In most cases, the punishment meted out to the lawless, further emboldens them to continue in their disregard of the law. That is why the consequences of deviant or lawless behaviours must be severe so as to deter others from following suit. The severer the consequences of lawless behavior, the less likely it will recur. We agree with the President when he said in the wake of the recent needless violence by the NPP youth in the Northern region that “the application of the laws of the land will occur, in the words of the judicial oath, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, and without recourse to the political, religious or ethnic affiliations of any citizen of the land.” According to him “when you fall foul of the law, you will be dealt with accordingly, and the law enforcement agencies, including the Judiciary, must ensure this is done.” The police and other law enforcers in the country must heed the call of the President and act; they must begin to bite, and do so harshly. There should be no compromises when it comes to the application of the law; when we compromise justice, we promote impunity, wanton disregard of the law, and move the clock of progress backwards.


We would like to take this opportunity to encourage the gatekeepers of the law, authorities in high places to apply the laws of the land indiscriminately. Those who fall foul of the law must be punished; and it should not take political leanings to enforce the law.



Dr. Kingsley Nyarko

(Executive Director)

Established in January, 2008 is named after Dr. Joseph Boakye Danquah, one of Ghana’s founding fathers who established Ghana’s first political party, the United Gold Coast Convention, in 1947. Read more

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