A late surge in campaigning has improved the opposition's chances of victory as the economy stutters

A succession of bad elections this year in Africa – in Uganda, Gabon and Zambia – make the 7 December presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana an important political marker for the region. In one of Africa's longest-established multi-party systems, where the electoral commission enjoys relatively high levels of trust, another set of successful elections in Ghana will send a positive signal.


Good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen of the press. Thank you for coming on such short notice.

There’s a Ghanaian saying which goes like” Obaa a onim s3 onky3 wo aware ase no, otu bankye aa, ondua” akin to saying literally; that a lady whose days in her marital home are numbered, does not bother to re-plant uprooted cassava. 


The past eight years have been a disaster for the people of Ghana. Governance standards have slipped and the economy has struggled, making life more difficult for every Ghanaian. Our country, once held up as the gold standard, has fallen markedly behind our peers.


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Ghana seeks 40-year plan binding successive governments
Ghana's national development planning commission has begun preparations for developing a 40-year plan that seeks to outdo political, ethnic and geographical aspirations of the country, and to bind successive political leaders to following its implementation.
Two regime shifts divide the economic history of Korea during the past six centuries into three distinct periods: 1) the period of Malthusian stagnation up to 1910, when Japan annexed Korea; 2) the colonial period from 1910-45, when the country embarked upon modern economic growth; and 3) the post colonial decades, when living standards improved rapidly in South Korea, while North Korea returned to the world of disease and starvation. The dramatic history of living standards in Korea presents one of the most convincing pieces of evidence to show that institutions -- particularly the government -- matter for economic growth.
Consumer Protection Without Law
Within contract law, the plight of consumers is often regarded as a basis for enhancing contract enforcement and of bolstering the access of consumers to breach of contract remedies. The one-way contract idea suggests that this is a misguided priority, barking up the wrong tree. Rather than paying lip service to consumers’ “vindication of rights,” “access to justice,” or the right to be informed through mandatory disclosures, this article takes the reality of non-enforcement as given and considers ways to overcome it. It is the cultivation of more potent substitutes that could help consumers. more >>>
DI Calls For National Dialogue On Ghana’s Fast-Racing Public Debt
The Danquah Institute is calling for a critical national dialogue on Ghana’s spiralling public debt stock, which, according to the latest report from Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Ghana, has jumped to nearly 50% of Ghana’s rebased economy. Over the last four years our policy think tank has been vocal in raising concerns about what we consider to be a “mad rush for loans” by Government, and the disturbing absence of real transparency and value-for-money component in several of these loans.
10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About Voter Validation
Voter Validation is an exercise aimed at cleaning up the voter register, and is considered to be the only feasible solution at this stage, as a lesser alternative to compiling a whole new register.  The Electoral Commission’s Panel of Experts, the team tasked with making recommendations to Mrs Charlotte Osei and the EC leadership on how to get a credible register for 2016, has told the EC to carry out Validation, because it is at the moment the most viable option for a credible election.
What Kennedy Agyapong actually said, unedited
A lot of twists have been put on the interview granted by the MP for Assin North, Kennedy Agyapong on an Accra radio station, Oman FM, in the middle of the biometric voter registration exercise in Ghana. We provide below an unedited, the transcript of what he said, which was partly in English and partly in Twi. This has been done in order to put the records right.
May 2012 Synovate Opinion Poll
The following sampling procedure were applied using a fully structured face-to-face questionnaire at household level. The target population covered by our Omnibus survey May 2012 is the general public aged 18 years and above living in Ghana. Each of the 10 regions’ sample was proportionate to its population. Urban/Rural split was 50:50 reflecting the national split as well as gender for Male/Female 49:51 respectively as existed in the sampling frame. Hence our sample is nationally representative and is self-weighting. Click here for details of poll
Drug Trafficking: Has it really been reduced?
The Danquah Institute has questioned the validity of the claims from the Presidency that the incidence of drug trafficking in the country has been reduced. Even though President Mills during his campaign pledged to vigorously fight the menace, the reported shortage of drugs by the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) last week can not be simply explained as the result of increased efforts by the government and security agencies.Nana Attobrah Quaicoe, Head of Research at the Danquah Institute remarked: “Governance is essentially about policies, legislations and enforcements and not mere indications or speculations; it is particularly worrying because it is difficult to point at any new policy or legislation of the new government in this regard. There is no statistics to back the claims, no coast guards nor sniffer dogs at border post and indeed we don’t even know of any increment in budgetary allocation to NACOB.”
This election is about poverty, cost of living, unemployment and corruption
Let no one attempt to fool you. Don't be distracted by the frustrations of the Rawlingses; nor talk about electoral violence. Don't be tricked by any attempt to revive the debased debate on drugs, God-fearism, morality, arrogance, character. While these topics may make the election 'exciting', since none of the main candidates is a stranger to us, we should protect the political space from being hijacked by the apostles of diversionism.